Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Barely Able To Get Out The Door

Just wanted to share a funny moment from today.  So, Meg and I decided to take advantage of the fleeting spring weather and take the girls for a walk.  I won't bore you with the laborious process of trying to get three small girls ready for a walk, but it's not easy.  "Oh, just pick them up and put them in the stroller" you say.  Ha!  I laugh at your simplistic assumption.  Really though, even on easy days, it's never that easy.  Today was not going to be the exception.

I was in the garage getting stroller seats on the Triplette SW for Sophie and Maddy and making sure that Izzy's oxygen tank would get us around the block, when all of a sudden, I hear Meg screaming, "Get in here.  I need help!"  Now, I think most of us know our significant other's voice well enough to be able to determine the severity of their plea by the sense of stress in their voice.  Right away, I could tell this wasn't a 'baby's life is in danger' type of yell, but it was definitely urgent.  I run through the garage door, into the family room, to find Meg holding Sophie up in the air under her armpits.  She was yelling, "Take her!  Take her!" 

Of course, I ran over and grabbed Sophie around the waist.  Meg ran in to the bathroom laughing but severely grossed out.  At the same time, I felt something slippery on my fingers.  Apparently, Sophie had been jumping in the Jumperoo.  Meghan had taken her out to get her ready for the walk.  She had smelled something stinky and turned Sophie around to get a better whiff of her rear end.  Unfortunately, she got too close and stuck her nose in a blown-out diaper that had shot up her diaper and on to her back.  Literally, she had poop on her nose.  It also happened to be all over my hands to the point where Sophie almost slipped out of my grip.  Meg and I both looked at each other, confused about what to do next.  It was so messy, we weren't sure where to put her down or how we would possibly change her without creating the requirement for a second bath.  Of course, Sophie's smiling and wanting to roll around, having no clue that she was inches away from having poop in her.  Not that she would've minded anyway.  Well, a couple of diapers, a dozen wipes, a new change of clothes, and a washrag later, we finally were ready to leave for our walk....30 minutes later.

On a side note, Meg was out of town with Sophia and Maddy this weekend and I was busy with Izzy, so there aren't a lot of new photos this past week.  Probably, another blog post about that.  HOWEVER, I took these three really cute ones about a month ago that I forgot to share.  It's amazing how much they've grown just within the past month!  They look so much bigger to me now.