Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Well Deserved update to an update (by Meghan)

As many posts go these days, I wrote this one weeks ago.  So, now I'm re-reading and updating our update. Such is life in the DeBauche household these days! :)

They are growing every day! We just went to the doctor's last Friday.  Izzy weighed 8 lb 4 oz, Maddy weighed 10 lb 15 oz, and Sophie weighed 12 lb 2 oz.  They are all making progress on the growth charts for weight and height.  Sophia just crossed the line to get into the bottom section (between 3% and 10%).  Maddy and Izzy are moving closer and closer with each check in, but they're not on the chart yet.

Our biggest obstacle right now is Maddy's reflux.  We started what seemed to be a wonder drug for her: Reglan.  We had a different baby for a few days.  One who wasn't in torture after every feeding.  Unfortunately, it seems we just traded one problem for another because now her constipation is so extreme she cries all the time and spits up over and over again because she's pushing so hard.  We decided to see if maybe she had a milk allergy so we decided to put her on Izzy's formula (hypoallergenic) for a bit.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be much better. We're going to take her to a GI doc soon so maybe we can get that happy baby back sooner than if we just wait for her to grow out of the reflux. Our pediatrician said she could grow out of it as early as six months adjusted (3.5 months from now), or it could last as long as a year.  She is so tortured by it, I'm really hoping it goes away sooner rather than later.  Even that three and a half months seems unbearable.

All of the girls are smiling more and more every day although Sophie's the smiley-est by far. Izzy and Sophia are starting to bat at their toys. And, on Saturday, Sophia surprised us all.  She rolled over!  We were just hanging out like any other day and all of a sudden she was on her back.  We didn't really see it the first time, but we caught most of the second time on video.  The PT told us they need 60 minutes/day of tummy time.  I'm not sure how that's going to happen if she knows how to get out of it as soon as we get her onto the mat!  Maddy doesn't have much alert time that's not crying, but if she did I think she'd be smiling more and doing some of the things the other two are doing.  For now, we just have to hold her and give her lots of love.  Jeremy took some video of them hanging out together on the mat while Maddy was feeling well and somehow I caught her smiling.  Check it out!


Maddy, trying the win the "Who can nap the longest competition?"

Sophia, being Sophia

Is this Sophia or Isabelle?

Sophia, being quite the little narcissist.  She thoroughly enjoys looking at herself in the mirror.  She's been doing this a lot lately and just loves the face she sees looking back at her.

Sophia on Christmas morning.  She was exhausted from staying up late to catch a peek at Santa.




We just got about eight inches of snow late last week.  The day before it snowed, it was 55 degrees.  I packed up the girls and took them for a walk.  It was the first time we did it all together and the first time we got to fill up the Peg Perego Triplette SW.  They were all cuddled in with their Wubbanubs and enjoyed getting out of the family room.




Maddy's been fighting severe constipation and reflux, but lately, she's been smiling a ton more!


  1. OMG are they getting big and beautiful. Well, they were always beautiful. So great to see Maddy smile....at least once in a while. We miss you so much and can't wait to see you again soon. Planning a trip in March!

    My guess on the picture is Sophia because there is no NG but they are definitely identical. We just need to chub up Izzy and you will have two the same!

    Love you all,

    Jo Anne

  2. Have you tried Miralax? Our boys all had pretty severe reflux & constipation, their pediatrician gave us a prescription for Miralax in addition to their reflux medicine & it has eliminated the straining & crying.
    They are beautiful girls!!!

  3. i agree with spring...miralax if you haven't tried it yet. i haven't met a GI doc who thinks it isn't safe to take every day. rachel relies on it every day to keep her moving since kids with Ds have low tone everywhere. ;) have they talked to you about thickening her feeds with a food thickener (i don't know if you do this already)? i know you can't use simply thick but there are others you can use. i know the docs say there isn't proof that it works with reflux but it's really helped rachel.

  4. I hope you get Maddys situation figured out soon!! We also have a Sofia! Your babies are gorgeous! and rolling over! thats great...how do you find time to do sixty minutes of tummy time?? we are way behind then and mine are 4 mo. adusted! I better get with it!

  5. I love seeing the pictures, especially their beautiful smiles! Aunt Mary P.S. I forgot to put my name on the last one and can't figure out how to do this without using anonymous!

  6. My guess is Izzy FINAL ANSWER! HA -Sarah Hayes

  7. They are just so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the up's/down's and the blessing and challenges of your sweet triplets.

    As I have mentioned I have a daughter who has some of Izzy's issues and some of Maddie's. Here is just a couple ideas...for Miss Avery we went on reglan, plus zantac, plus nexium and adding benefiber to her bottles and then we went on an elemental formula it was AMAZING how much it helped. This is something obviously you have to discuss with the GI but it may be a huge help.

    Also something natural and over the counter that our GI was fine with us using was Gripe water...I would give it to Avery after her feedings while she was propped up and taking her binkie and it really, really helped.