Friday, September 14, 2012

It REALLY Does Take A Village

Almost two weeks ago, the girls, Meg, and I went down to Springfield, IL for Uncle Buddy's 75th birthday.  It's about a three-hour drive for us.  However, while preparing our traveling circus for another road trip, I began dreading what I envisioned would be a 10-hour marathon with three kids on my back.

I'm not sure why I was feeling this way.  The girls have actually been really good in the car on longer trips.

More fear began to pile up when I started thinking about the fact that we'd have to put all three girls together in the same room for naps and bedtime, something that they're definitely not used to.  At home, several months ago, we decided to split everyone up.  Because of Maddy's reflux at the time, and Izzy's all-night feeding fests, they would wake one another up with the smallest amount of noise.  Meg actually pushed for this move for a while and I was adamantly against it.  I felt so strongly about them needing to be near each other, like they would miss out on some major bonding time.  After many nights of interrupted sleep, I finally gave in, separated the cribs, and we haven't looked back since.  Each girl now sleeps in her own room and, for the most part, sleeps almost 12 hours straight each night thanks to Meg's sleep training.

The downside to this approach is that if you're ever in the situation where they need to sleep together, you're probably going to be in for a long night.  They're just not used to each other's subtle noises.

I should probably tell you that I follow this pre-travel ritual with some predictability.  It usually goes something like this.  As the trip gets closer, I start thinking of reasons why it's going to be difficult to go.  I start thinking about how busy we've been and how it would be nice to enjoy a weekend home.  I get a little cranky.  Meg had to push me around a little (figuratively, not literally) to get on the ball.  But, without fail, I always have a great time and am so glad we took our adventure!

Well, this trip would be no different.  Even though it was brief, we had such a great time with everyone and were so happy that we could be with Buddy for his 75th.  What's really impressive is how it all comes together and what makes it so enjoyable on these trips.  So far, all of our trips over two hours long have been to see family.  While you're probably putting two and two together in your head right now, I'll make it simple for you.  The family makes all of the difference.

As soon as we arrived at the party, we had people grabbing babies and doting over them incessantly.  What a treat that is!  I love my babies, but you're looking at (reading about) two exhausted parents.  You wouldn't have known though.  With so much help and so much interest in the girls, Meg and I actually got a chance to have a drink and hold a few conversations.  It didn't hurt that the girls were on their best behavior, too.  I also think we're quickly getting over our preemie-driven fear of dirt and germs and found a corner of the room where we staked our claim and let our girls run crawl wild.  In reality, the girls love being around us and didn't wander to far from home base, unless a loving relative swooped them up and took them on a tour of the club.  It was one of the most fun nights we've had in a long time!

The lesson I've learned is that, with the right perspective, life almost always works out the way you want it to.  This village, this family, really helps make these times easier.  I won't kid anyone and make it sound simple to travel with one-year old triplets.  It's not.  But, if you can get the car loaded, not forget any kids, and get the car started down the road, you've already won half the battle.

I've already thought about my next blog topic, as some of these feelings deserve a bit more attention.  Until then, here are a few pics of the family and the girls.  Surprisingly, even to myself, I tried to not pick up the camera so much and really focused on spending time with the girls.  Good choice Mr. Jeremy, good choice.

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

Kiel, attempting to entertain the insatiable Sophie
Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

Izzy, being a party animal!
Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

Buddy, in the green shirt, calling all of his family up front with him
Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

At times, we definitely felt like we were at the zoo, except we were the main attraction!
Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

Maddy, in her party dress
Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

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