Monday, March 28, 2011

Babies on the Brain

I have to admit, I didn't think I'd have it this bad.  We're only two weeks into finding out that we're having triplets and I can't turn my brain off from thinking about babies ALL OF THE TIME.  I see them everywhere, but it's probably because they are everywhere and I never really noticed until now.  Kind of like when you buy a new car and you start seeing it everywhere on the road.

Also, Meghan probably doesn't realize this yet, but I can't stop thinking about her either.  I don't want to go overboard with it, but I often find myself worried about whether she's eating enough, or getting enough fluids, or if she put her seat belt on when she got in the car, or if she's getting enough rest, or if she's getting enough exercise, or if she's taken her vitamins.  I think they're all healthy concerns normally, there's just a more worrisome tone to them now.  I'm assuming this feeling will subside as I get used to the idea of being a father and is probably something that just comes along with finding out that your wife is pregnant, whether you're having one or three babies.  Then again, she came home from work today and told me she fell getting out of the car.  Immediately, I offered to switch cars with her.  I asked if it was a hard fall or slow roll.  She said it was the latter, which made me feel a little bit better, before she showed me the pretty good scuff on her knee.  No more heels for her during this pregnancy!  I've hid them all for the time being and left her with a good selection of flats.  Not really, but we definitely don't need any rolled ankles and I want to avoid anything that's going to make this pregnancy any riskier than it already is.

Speaking of risky pregnancies, that's exactly what we've have.  Any multiple birth pregnancy is considered high risk.  From a triplet perspective, ours is even higher risk since two of our babies are identical, i.e. sharing the same sac, compared to each of the babies having their own cocoons.

Risky pregnancy = Lots of visits to the doctor

At this point, we're still going to the fertility clinic, but will switch over to a high-risk OB afterwards.  In fact, Meg just reminded me we have another ultrasound appointment tomorrow, Tuesday, and then our first meeting with the OB on Wednesday.  Who am I kidding?  I've been counting down the hours until we get to go back and see our babies' heartbeats on the screen again.  At last check, all of the babies had reached the same size and they all had excellent FHRs (fetal heart rates).  When Meghan came home last week, she only had two ultrasound photos-one from baby B and one from baby C.  She said they didn't take a photo of baby A.  I couldn't be there last week, but you can bet your life on the fact that I'll be there tomorrow and that the doctor WILL be taking proper first pictures of our three kids.  And, yes, of course I'll share them with you all!

Also, I'll have a post in the next few days showing Meg's belly.  I didn't think I would see week-to-week changes, but I'll let you be the judge.  Since pictures are what usually keep people interested, and I was sick the last few days and didn't really take any, I'll just include one of my favorites of Meg.  Good night!


  1. Meghan!
    Congratulations! I saw this on Facebook. Wonderful news! I'll keep you in my prayers for a smooth and healthy pregnancy!
    Take Care!
    xoxox - Megan Allburn

  2. Dear Megan & Jeremy, I've been thinking of you two as I recovered from illness, and as I started back full-time for Spring, and got on facebook, lo and behold, TRIPLETS!!!! Your photo is fabulous--far prettier than even a bride! And Jeremy, what a gifted writer! Yes, Jeremy, you are pregnant, too. I can't think of anyone I know who'd make better parents of three than thee. God bless you, and let me know how I can help, maybe with a nice slow Waltz around the Elks club! Love always, De

  3. Jeremy, it is so cute to see this side of my big brother! I think this blog will be a wonderful way to see your perspective on the pregnancy. Not to mention, Meg looks stinkin' precious in all of her photos. They say pregnancy makes you glow, and that it does :) Cant wait for the next post!

    So mom says that you are headed to Chicago today. Seems like it would be exciting to embark on a new adventure, but also scary to leave Meg at the same time. I'm glad that you guys have everything worked out to see each other as much as possible and the distance wont be for too terribly long. Then you guys can explore together! I hope you have a wonderful first day taking in Chicago, or passing out from exhaustion, whichever it may be :) I know you are busy, but call me soon!

  4. @De - Meg and I were really hoping to take dance lessons this Spring, but I'm, literally, right in the process of moving to Chicago. We really did have a ton of fun dancing with you. Thanks for giving us the foundation and confidence to pick it up again in the future!

    @Lea - I'll give you a call in a little bit