Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Love Affair with Elastic Pants

I've seen my wife get excited over a lot of things, but what I saw tonight was a first.  As more time goes by in a relationship, the number of "firsts" gets smaller and smaller.  While it makes complete sense if you think about it, I never would have imagined seeing a woman get so crazily excited over stretchy pants.  I still remember when she was taking me to the Den.im Bar in an attempt to get me to buy more "fashionable" (aka, less baggy) jeans when we first started dating, while she enjoyed sliding into the skinniest, tightest pair she could find. 

Now, not so much.  Now, comfort rules.  Now, her greatest find was a pair of yoga/dress pants (yes, they do make a pair that does both jobs) with an elastic belly that she could wear, equally well, to work or to bed.  She found a few things she liked.  Actually, she found a lot that she liked. 

You have to love my wife.  She must be the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen.  She constantly deals with this inner guilt.  It's kind of amusing when we go shopping.  She gets super excited when she finds all these great clothes, then IMMEDIATELY starts to feel bad about how much of a bill she's racking up, then she remembers how comfortable these clothes are and how good they look, then she remembers how much she just bought online the week before.  It's amusing watching this internal battle unfold.  All I can say is, VERY CUTE.

Tonight's shopping expedition was brought on by the fact that she didn't have any pants that fit comfortably, that also didn't have a date to be hemmed at the tailor.  I have to say that I was quite surprised at the lack of maternity options at Pentag.on City Mall.  Basically, there was A Pea I.n The Pod and Motherho.od Maternity.  It's not like this area is lacking pregnant women.  I see them everywhere, I mean everywhere!  In fact, women are getting pregnant all of the time.  It seems as though your only options as a pregnant woman are to a.) be content with the reasonable prices and selection at Motherho.od Maternity, b.) take your chances with with fit and comfort from an online maternity store, or c.) pay a liver and one of your kidneys (no, both of them) to go shopping at A Pea I.n The Pod.  Seriously, that store is expensive.  Especially, for clothes that you're pretty much only going to wear for one season.  I guess there's a client base that they're targeting, otherwise they wouldn't be in business, but with triplets on the way, I can guarantee you that it's not us!

After several hours of hunting around the mall and three bags full of clothes to show off our hard work, we returned home with, what I hope will be, many months of comfort.  Meghan did say that she would reassess her clothes situation, now that she has more options, and go through her newly purchased pile of clothes with the stuff she bought from Ol.d Navy online and, potentially, pare down a little.  I love my wife, but I'll believe it when I see it.  Somehow, I just know that there will be a reason that all will find a home in our closet.  Honestly, it's all right.  To see her uncomfortable in her clothes and in her skin as she continues to grow, just kills me.  She's giving me the greatest and most important gift in the world, so what's a few extra outfits in the end?  The answer--nothing.

On a side note, we did have our final visit at SGFC today before heading off to meet with our new OB.  I know I promised pictures of the babies, but I think we'll get more info and, hopefully, better pictures from our trip to the OB, so I'll save it for tomorrow's post.  I'll tell you though that all three babies are doing great, which has me really excited, as each time the doctor tells us that things are "looking good," I feel just a little more relieved, less stressed, and less worried.

For now, I'll leave you with some pics from our shopping adventure.

So, while Meg was in one of the dressing rooms, across the store in an empty dressing room, I saw what looked to be a black hat or a helmet.  For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why they would have this ugly hat hanging in the dressing room.  Meg popped out from behind the curtain and surprised me with this big belly.  Apparently, the "ugly hat" was actually a baby simulator pad so you can see what your clothes will fit like as you grow larger.  Leave it to a guy to honestly think it could've been a hat.  Come on Jeremy, you're smarter than that.

I think the words she uttered when I captured this shot went something like, "Seriously, who's butt is this and what did you do with mine?"

"Yeah, I still got it!"

Have you ever seen someone so excited about elastic pants?


  1. Yes. Pregnant women everywhere get excited about stretchy pants. Although, I do not think that any of those women could be cuter than yours!! She might get to wear the same clothes the whole time but she might not. I went back several times but I have a love relationship with food and probably gained enough for quadruplets. If she does have to go back and you can find a Motherhood maternity in the Outlets, they have even better prices than the MM in a mall. Penny's also has a maternity line with a good selections basics (the black shirt, skirt, etc). ON and MM were my favorites for the $. If you lived a little closer, I would let her borrow mine. Your blog is very sweet. This time is very exciting & precious. Your wife is very beautiful. :D I enjoy reading more. -Many Blessings!

  2. Hmmm.....I posted on the blog yesterday but I don't see it today. You gotta love the internet. It does have a mind of its own. Absolutely love the stories. You see as an mature woman, once you get off the high heels and resign to the elastic pants, there is no turning back. Your resolve is comfort...and guess what, you can keep in style...well maybe. Love the growing shots of Meghan.

    To repeat what I said yesterday....Love to Meg and Jeremy and babies....make "5"!!!

  3. Seriously, didn't I tell you guys that the elastic pants ruled?!?! I wasn't kidding when I said that I have contemplated still wearing mine from time to time, particularly when I visit an all-u-can eat buffet. Meg looks great, naturally! I highly recommend a trip to Target at some point to peruse their maternity section. I found some cute things there, even just along the lines of t-shirts and track suits. Also got my favorite maternity jacket there. Happy Shopping, Dad! :)

  4. Hi you guys! I am Brig's sister, and I just wanted to say congrats :) Somehow me and hubby got pregnant naturally in January after last year's heartache of 3 failed IUI's, and 1.5 failed IVF's. We are so excited! You guys should put up a ticker so we can track how far along you are!!! (Just google pregnancy ticker and you will have 56 options...) Visit my blog anytime!!

  5. Thanks all and thanks A. I added a pregnancy ticker to the blog this morning.