Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where Are They Now? Part 1--Sophie (by Meghan)

So sorry our posts have been few and far between! Hopefully, this week we'll catch you up on our little ones and you'll know why we've been so busy that finding time to write seems impossible! We had originally written this post as one, but it was so long we decided to break it up into separate posts. So for today the focus is dear, sweet, beautiful, crazy-lady Sophie. We had our 9-month well check at the pediatrician about a week ago and all in all three girls are growing, growing, growing!

Initially weighing in at 2 lbs. 15 oz. and 15.5 in., she was less than 3% on the charts. Last week she weighed in at 20 lbs. 3 oz., 75% for her age. Her most recent height, 27.5 in., is 40% for her age. She's taking us into a new, unknown horizon of parenting. Not only is she growing, but she's cruising through her milestones as well. As of today, she's crawling. About a week ago she started crawling, but it wasn't fast or purposeful. Now, she is a woman with a mission, which usually involves getting close enough to Izzy to play with the IV pole or any of her tubes as well as the play station as many of you witnessed. She's trying to walk already too, frequently getting into a downward dog position and attempting to pull herself up on everything. She's not quite strong enough yet, but I can tell it's around the corner and I'm scared! :)We finally started some serious baby proofing this weekend. Our living room is now equipped with a square gated area we like to call "Baby Jail" and a gate between the living room and the kitchen. We've got a lot more to do. Any advice about this stage or baby proofing must haves from other parents out there is gladly welcomed!

As you may guess from this behavior, Sophie is our crazy lady. She is out of control all of the time and I love it! If we take to long to feed her she arches and screams and fusses until she gets her way and she's back on the floor playing. If we walk away, she cries and cries until she sees us come back into view. During the crazy evening hours, when the others are relaxing and watching Baby Einstein, Sophie would like to be doing anything but. She wants to be with us, doing what we're doing. Part of whatever is happening with mom and dad. So she helps do dishes in the baby Bjorn, sits by me in a highchair and eats fruit or puffs while I talk to her. She is a high maintenance momma, but I just love her curiosity and the aggressive way she goes about life.  I can only imagine what life will be like with her in the stage where they're mobile, but not listening to the word "no."  Please pray for our survival because if it comes down to us or Sophie, my money is on her :)

Her talking is sounding more and more like talking every day, but she doesn't have any words yet. She recently had her first two teeth pop through and a few others feel as though they'll be close behind. She also recently started mimicking me. I'll do something then say, "You do it." Then she does it too and laughs. Then if she catches my eye later she'll smile and do it again with a look that says, "Hey Mom! Look! I can do it!" I smile and clap and she laughs and laughs. It is amazing to start to feel like we're communicating. So soon they're going to start understanding bits and pieces of what we say. I know all kids do it, but I never imagined my babies who almost died and were so small at birth would get this far. Each day is becoming more and more fun as well as more and more exhausting!

We attached lots of pics so you can see how she's growing.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Check back in a couple of days for updates on Maddy and Izzy.

We decided we'd start with a "Where They Came From" photo of each girl.

Sophie, trying out the "quad" table we picked up on CL.

Getting ready for a day at the beach!

Strawberries are her new favorite fruit.  Can't you just feel the intensity in her eyes?

She finds ways to keep herself busy until the next strawberry is loaded.

"Why yes, you can tempt me away from sucking on this plastic bar for another strawberry."

She was practicing for her rehearsal as Spiderman.  She was really into the part.

Even superstars get cranky from time to time.

Oh, how they're so easily distracted at this age.

Notice anything "wrong" with this picture?

Believe it or not, she was actually extremely angry that we wouldn't let her play with her poop.

And to top it off, the cat took advantage of all the confusion and helped herself to some of my sandwich.


  1. So many favorite photos from this post...Spiderman? Totally spot on! The poop? Man...that was a good one! But all in all, she's a beauty all right! So good to get caught up on the girls! I already can't wait for the next posts!

  2. Even though I get to see the girls, I love the posts!
    Love, Aunt Mary