Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Trip To The North Pole (and note to Santa)

This past weekend, we dressed up the kiddos and packed them in our 4WD silver triplet sleigh to make our first official visit to the North Pole. I was shocked to see that so many other parents had the exact directions to Santa's house. I thought it was only something that he shared with kids on the "nice" list, but one of the elves must have eaten too much candy, fallen in to a sugar-induced coma, and sent the address to the parents of the kids on the "naughty" list by accident. There's always something falling through the cracks (remembering back when they forgot batteries with some of Santa toys).

On second thought, maybe the other kids really weren't naughty after all and it's just the fact that the entire ordeal took two hours before we even got to see Santa that was the bigger problem. However, as always, it was completely worth it!

This year, the elves allowed parents to bring their own camera, if they wanted. That was music to my I'm-sick-of-polaroid-quality-photos-with-Santa ears. To top things off, Mrs. Claus was more than accommodating in helping Meghan get the girls situated on Santa's lap.

Though one demonstrated utter joy, one shear terror, and another was on the fence, all three girls will always have the memory of their first visit to the North Pole captured on digital film and ready to be cherished at a moment's notice!

To Santa (in case you search the blogosphere):

"Santa, until next year, thanks for letting us visit and not freaking out when we crammed three crying babies in to your lap.  I promise it will be easier next year.  Maybe.  By the way, if there's a nibble missing from your cookies when you come to our house, it was just the cat...or a mouse...or something else that you probably don't need to worry about.  Same story for the milk.  Also, please be quiet on your way out.  If you wake up a baby, you'll be getting a house guest next year!  Also, we know where you live.  Remember what happened with Will Ferrell in Elf?  By the way, great pic with the girls (see below).  You don't look scared at all.  Feel free to use it in your personal album.  Not kidding about waking up the babies.  Merry Christmas!"

Terror & Joy
Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog

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  1. Santa doesn't look thrilled in the least bit, but the girls are adorable, as always!