Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's happening with Madelyn Jane?

Next, is an update for Miss Madelyn Jane.  Today, she and her sisters are exactly 21 months old.

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

As of a couple of days ago, she's weighing in around 22 and a half pounds.  She's also between 32-33", but seemingly a tad taller than sister Sophie.

Maddy is our climber and, honestly, it's a little scary.  She's aware of edges, but definitely pushes it more than her sisters.  For the most part, she'll listen when we tell her to sit or get down, but I think she would climb to the top of the house without giving it a second thought if we let her.

Our girl can laugh the most beautifully sounding laugh you've ever heard.  It's as full body of a laugh as a one year old can have.  I must admit, I probably tickle her unfairly just to hear that sound more often.  Undoubtedly, she'll pay me back when she's older.

Also, she loves to be upside down.  It's probably a side effect from her gymnastics classes, but she looks like she's always ready to do a somersault at a moment's notice.  It's a combination between somersault preparation and the downward dog yoga position.   I make an effort to mimic her, just so she can see my face right side up, even when she's upside down.

No doubt another side effect form her gymnastics/Monkeys-in-Motion classes, she loves to jump.  We recently bought the girls a small trampoline for toddlers.  The first few days, I was sure she was going to wear it out and, possibly, jump right through the bouncy fabric.  Now, she bounces all of the time, trampoline present or not.

Her speech and communication are definitely delayed, but it's apparent that she's understanding more and more of what we say each day.  While she's not really saying any words proactively to communicate with us, she utters no shortage of sounds, and is getting very good at trying to repeat the sounds and words we say to her.  She's still working with speech, developmental, and occupational therapy on a weekly basis, and there are things I watch her doing now that I would have never imagined a month or even a week ago because of the extra help she receives.  She is capable of making amazing progress and doing amazing things.

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

Right now, she can sign: banana, english muffin (ok, we actually created a sign for this one), so big, eat, more, please, me, all done, and dog

When it comes to dancing, Maddy is starting to figure it out.  She loves the music, but hasn't really figured out the whole "hip moving" thing.  Oddly enough, this took her dad a while to master, as well.  To encourage her to dance more, we pick her up, rock with the music, and spin her round and round while she cracks up.

Maddy LOVES books, but she equally loves electronics, which we try to limit as much as we can.  All of the girls share a healthy obsession for Dora the Explorer, but Maddy actually wants to hug the screen and pull Dora right into our family room.  One day Maddy, one day.

I'll wrap this up by sharing that she's a hot body, just like her dad.  Each time I pick her up from her crib, it's like I just pulled her out of the oven.  Those warm red cheeks matched with her beaming brown eyes and big smile make her a go-to snuggle bug.

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

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