Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's happening with Sophie Rose?

Let me start by sharing that these photos, and the ones that will follow for each of the updates for Izzy and Maddy, are a couple of months old.  In subsequent posts, you'll see how big they REALLY are!  For now, I just couldn't let these pics from a Sunday morning, banana pancake feast miss out on their introduction to the blogosphere.

Considering it's been several months since we've really written anything that resembles an update for each of the girls, I just couldn't wait another day to sit down and write up everything that's going in their relatively brief lives.  I really just don't want to forget how much they're changing and growing each day.

At this point, everyone is still facing backwards in their car seats.  We're trying as hard as possible to make it until they're at least two before turning them forwards.  So far, so good.  No one's really complaining, they're legs aren't really crunched, and they're not in the car for very long that often.

Also, the weather has taken a turn for the best and the girls have been living outside for a good part of each day.  On a seemingly unrelated note, our monthly wine costs have decreased with the girls being able to get out of the house more often.

The first update is for Sophia, or Sophie Rose as she's commonly referred to when getting into trouble (yes, they do get into trouble).  Well, maybe it's not trouble as much as it is just being a toddler, for which I'm having to find an entirely new level of patience in order to survive each day.

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

As of a couple of days ago, she's weighing in around 24lbs and some odd ounces.  At this point, I think we can graduate from keeping track of the fractional pounds.  Same thing with the height.  She's at least 32", but no more than 33".

Due to my lack of updates, it's going to seem like she went from crawling to running in a mere matter of weeks, but she's walking and running like it's the only thing she's ever known how to do.  There's nothing cuter than watching her and her sisters chase each other around the kitchen island.

As independent as she is, she's equally our biggest cuddler.  First thing in the morning and right after nap time, she hangs on tighter than a koala joey.  Try to put her down and sirens go off right in your ear.

She's definitely the closest with respect to wanting to begin potty training.  We actually bought a toddler training potty, complete with a creepy smiley face on the back, just waiting to light up and play a poop or pee sponsored symphony and scare the crap, literally, out of its first victim.

Sophie has really made a ton of progress in her communication skills.  I'm not sure if "parroting" is an official development stage, but we're really having to watch we say around her.  At first, she would sign things to us after we said the word and showed her the object or action in question.  She took the next step and began using signs to actually proactively communicate her needs/wants.  Now, she's uses a mix of short words and signs to communicate.  What's really scary is how much she actually understands.  She pretty much can comprehend almost anything we say to her.  Obviously, we're not teaching her quadratic equations, but most of the language you would use to communicate with a toddler, she gets.

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

Right now, she can sign: banana, english muffin (ok, we actually created a sign for this one), milk, eat, more, fish, butterfly, cat, dog, cow, bunny, music, bird, duck, sheep, again, help, please, thank you, stinky pants (we created this one, too), down

Right now, she can say:  dad, mom, sis (sister), ma (maddy), abba (abigail), shhz (shoes), door (and Dora, as in the Explorer), wawa (water), poop, outz (outside), uppa uppa (up), pop (anytime she sees a bubble in book or real life), uh oh, cheese, ouch, truck, dirt, touch (as in NO touch), mess, yes (surprisingly, she's not saying "no" yet)

Sophie really likes to dance.  We'll have dance parties in the kitchen and I've even caught her dancing to the blender when we make our green smoothies.  So silly.  She's really starting to notice the different rhythms to each song and moves her body and arms differently depending on what's playing.

She, and her sisters, are book-a-holics.  While she enjoys being read to, she enjoys even more, identifying EVERY object on EVERY page, at which she's exceptionally good.

I need to spend a little time on the other girls' updates, so I'll end with this.  Even though they're triplets, she definitely acts like the big sister.  She likes to give everyone kisses and always (mostly) helps mom and dad when we're doing things for "sis."  She's super adorable and her smile melts our hearts every day (actually, every hour).

Jeremy DeBauche Photography: DeBauche babies blog &emdash;

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  1. I think she has Irish dancing in her blood. Wonder which side of the family she got that from?