Monday, April 25, 2011

12 weeks and 2 days pregnant (and still growing...)

It's been a whirlwind of a week.  Meghan finally flew back to our old home today after what was probably one of the busiest weeks ever, but it sure was great to see her!

Over the last 10 days, we closed on our house, selected kitchen, bedroom, and baby furniture, and even managed to narrow our delivery hospital selection down to two places.  Now, I managed to fit all of that into one sentence, but over the weekends and outside of work, we pretty much were going non-stop everyday.  I think I've probably set a world record with the number of times I've been to Lowes/Home Depot over the past five days.  I've also become fairly acclimated with the city of Naperville considering we probably went to EVERY SINGLE furniture store in the area.  I've also achieved Platinum status at Bed Bath & Beyond (I bet you didn't know you could do that did you?).  Now, when I pull in the parking lot, a valet jumps out and takes my keys.  When I get through the doors, someone is there with my push cart, ready to go, and a latte in the drink holder (yes, they do have drink holders on carts for members with Platinum status).

For our house, Meg decided to be a little more selective with the paint color this time and bought 14 samples jars of paint.  She then proceeded to mark up our walls in 1' x 1' patches with all of the different options.  You see, this is a woman who knows her husband.  She knows my brain sees those marks on the wall and thinks, "These walls are incomplete and messy.  I must make them all one color.  I must paint until it doesn't look messy any more."  It's her way of motivating me without actually asking me to paint the walls.  Smart cookie :)

Painting the walls is the easy, yet most time-consuming part.  The part that I'm really looking forward to is adding some crown molding, some chair rail, and possibly a little wainscoting.  The babies' room and the master bedroom will get the special treatment.  Meg's not 100% sure I'm committed to it, but I went out and bought a power miter saw, so I'm pretty psyched about sprucing these "blah" rooms up a little.  I've always wanted to do a little woodwork and now I have no excuses. 

To top it off, we experienced our first, and hopefully only, lockout.  It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. 

Cost to have some kid drill a hole in our deadbolt and flip the inside latch = $185
Cost to replace the deadbolt = $50
Knowing that someone can drill into your deadbolt in under two minutes and break into your house = Priceless

I think I'll be adding a security system at some point soon.

Meg's still feeling great, though I find myself getting more and more protective the further along she gets in the pregnancy.  Basically, I don't want her to do anything that would put undue strain on her and the babies and I'm not sure she's ready to ratchet it back at this point.

Next up is the CVS she has scheduled for Tuesday.  For those interested, I'll be writing a separate post in a couple days about what that process entails.  Until then, I'll leave you with this week's picture of Meg and her steadily expanding belly.


  1. Ahhhhh....the joys of home ownership. We have all been there. You are right, she looks great and healthy. Let's keep it that way. Looking forward to hear how things go with the CVS and sono this week. I know you may not know for a couple of weeks the results. I have checked out what that is all about with my OB folks. I am suspecting they will do this via laporoscopy? Anyway, this is much better than the amniocentesis they used to do.

    We just got back from Dizzyworld last night. Lots of fun, walking, heat and sun. And still can't get the song "its a small world" out of my head. Saw lots of double strollers but no triplets....can only imagine what that would be like. I think you take lots of grandparents with you to supervise!

    Love reading the blog!

    Jo Anne

  2. I read these every week and this one is hilarious! I feel like you guys should be on an episode of HGTV. Good luck on the house and if you need some recruitment we are only a couple hours away!

  3. @Jo Anne - I'm not sure how they're performing the CVS. I need to read more about it tonight. Glad you guys had fun in Florida. I haven't been to see Mickey in 25 years!

    @Kalie - We could use some HGTV attention right now. My "honey-do" list is growing by the minute. We could use some "Dear Genevieve" up in this house!