Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Hey, I'm expressing here!"

"It looks like an elephant's trunk spouting water!"

"I've got a gusher over here!"

What do all of these statements have in common?

They're all things that can be heard in an L&D room by a new mother who's just began pumping. 

Meg had just finished up a quick visit with the lactation consultant when I handed her an iron pill to take.  I mistakenly forgot to remove it from its pill package and Meg exclaims "I'm expressing!" which I took to mean that she wanted me to take the pill out because her hands were full.  Every time I play it back in my head, I imagine some New Yorker that I've just pissed off, raising his hands at me.  Too funny.  Now, anytime I'm preoccupied with something else and am asked to do something, you know which phrase I'm going to use.

So far, another uneventful day in the NICU.  We were able to do more skin-to-skin with Sophie and Maddy, which is always incredible.  Last night, I noticed that my arm was getting pretty tired from holding Maddy.  I know, a tired arm from holding something less than three pounds.  I need to get the gym.  Anyway, they keep the isolettes around 98 degree and around 70% humidity.  It's pretty much like the tropics when you reach your hands inside.  When the nurses take the babies out and place them on your chest, they pretty much just stick to your skin.  So, I decided to let my hand go and she just stuck to my chest.  The friction is enough to keep them from sliding.  It's kind of like throwing your kid up against the velcro wall!

As far as feeding goes, both Sophie and Maddy are getting mom's milk through a tube, straight to their tummies.  They're both getting 1cc every three hours, so they're probably going to start upping the volume.  I think they're going to try with Izzy soon, but I'm not sure when.  Also, both Izzy and Sophie were off of the phototherapy lights for a couple of days, but they still have some bilirubin in their bodies, so they're going to need the lights on again for a little while.  "Hello, eye covers!"

I'll end on a bittersweet note.  Yesterday, Meghan had to check out of the hospital to come home.  As much as I don't like hospitals, I dislike not being just a few rooms away from our preemie girls even more.  We live pretty close to the hospital--about 15 minutes--but not being a temporary resident at the hospital, down the hall from the NICU, is tough.  I had heard that this was going to be an emotional day, and as such many tears were shed.  If you're wondering by whom, let's just say that Meg held it together like a champ.

Enjoy today's moment of bliss, below.

Today's moment of bliss


  1. Good morning Meg Jeremy and the girls

    The pictures just keep getting better and better. What is now difficult to determine is which girl this is. My best guess is it is Sophia but I can't be sure. That is only because Madelyn tends to let you know she isn't into pictures and Izzy is still a baby in waiting for the kangaroo care.......! Love you all and so happy for the continued good progress of the girls who are now 5 days old!!

  2. Hey, guys. Love reading the good news about the girls progress. I know it was tough to leave them in the hospital and come home. Luckily, they're in the best care ever and you're close by. Just try to get rest at home as much as you can. It's strange how time passes when you're at the hospital. Even a few hours can sometimes zap you! And know you've got "Team DeBauche" at the hospital, along with some much higher powers, watching over your children. Love you guys!

  3. Reading your posts bring back so many memories of having my triplets! Don't blink...before you know it, they'll be 6 months old and sitting up!!