Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Waiting Game

It's 8:45pm and we're in the NICU.  This is where we've spent each and every night since our girls were born.  We manage to squeeze in the time after the nurse's shift change at 7:30pm and before they kick us out for "sterile mode" at 10:00pm.  It's become our new date night.

We were expecting just another run-of-the-mill outing with our girls, but it wasn't to be.  We arrived at the hospital to find that Isabelle's stomach was swollen with air again.  The drain that they already placed in her stomach isn't helping the same way it did a week ago.  She's in obvious pain and it's so hard to sit idly by and wait for the surgeon to get to the hospital and place another drain in her belly.  Her eyes are open, but her arms and legs are all over the place.  They need to put the breathing tube back in so they can administrator the pain meds, but the first doc couldn't maneuver past her vocal chords.  They had to call Dr. Fitzgerald to the hospital and he had it in less than a minute.  He was in and just like that, he was on his way back to the ice rink.  Amazing.

We're still waiting for Dr. Mac for the actual procedure, but it's getting more and more difficult to wait.  Meg is obviously distraught seeing our tiniest suffer and I'm doing my best to be strong, hold her tight and let her know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Somehow, we just can't manage to hold back the tears. </p>

The doctor said that what's happening to Izzy isn't life threatening.  It's just difficult watching your kid suffer--a completely new and unwelcome emotion for me. 

We're going to stay here through the procedure until we can visibly see her belly return to normal and know that she'll be getting a good night's sleep.

Before bed tonight, we would really appreciate it if you could say a small prayer for Isabelle.

I'll post another update when we know more.


  1. Please say lots of prayers. It's so hard to watch her struggle so much. This perforation is really slowing down her progress. She won't be able to start eating until this problem heals.

  2. I have 15 month BGG triplets and also have a miracle 'baby c', Layla who had the same CPR oases your tiniest had. All three are happy and healthy and she is our wildest, loudest, and meanest one :) Have been following your story and many of my friends and family having been praying for you along with me. Praying for a restful night for you and your babies.


  3. Thinking of your little one with prayers of strength and strong healing.

  4. I will absolutely say an extra prayer not only for Isabelle, but also for you and Meghan. In the meantime, enjoy your date nights in the NICU. I know they were some of our best dates too!

  5. Lots of prayers for Isabelle...i can't imagine what you are going through watching her in any pain. thanks for keeping us all updated!

  6. I check the blog every morning for updates and was sadden to hear of Isabelle's setback. I suppose you never realize how deeply you love these little ones because suddenly the tears are flowing and I can't seem to make them stop. My sadness is for her suffering and all the challenges she is facing at such a young age. It is also for both of you struggle to watch your little one in pain. But when I stood by her isolette last week I said to Dad that Isabelle is her for a purpose yet to be fulfilled. And we will be there to enjoy the gifts she will give us with her life

    All of you are always in out thoughts and prayers. It is these times that help us to remember what is truly important in life.

    Love Grandma Jo Anne

  7. I'm so sorry. I know this up and down is so hard to bear. You *will* get through it, but that doesn't make the here and now any easier, does it? Much love and many prayers coming your way.

  8. I pray for you and the babies every day, but tiny Izzy is always on my mind. I keep thinking about what one of your doctors said (and other people as well) that the smallest baby often turns out to be the strongest. I pray for the day that you are home together with three healthy babies. I think the two of you are amazing the way you are handling everything and staying so strong.

    Aunt Mary

  9. knowing your child is hurting and being able to do nothing is possibly the worst torture in the world. i hope izzy gets the relief she needs and that you guys get a small break. do you have a Ronald Mcdonald House break room in your hosptial? we spent a bunch of time in ours. they supplied reading material, food and space. it was a good place to go to recharge.

  10. hoping things r better now. praying