Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Card That Didn't Quite Become One

Truth be told, I had every intention of making a Christmas card this year. I actually started planning on this exact card four years ago, not knowing exactly when I was going to make it. Without context, that probably sounds a little strange. Let me explain.

Before Meg and I were even engaged, I knew that one day, we were going to have kids. In fact, I think we knew we were going to get married after our first date back on October 3rd, 2007. At 30 years old, I still didn't have a hobby for which I was truly passionate about. Most of my days were spent working and having fun. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad life. Just not the most productive and purposeful one.

I had always been interested in photography, but always regretted not taking a class in high school or college. I never knew anyone that was really into photography either, or, if they were, it never came up in conversation.

In late October '07, I surprised Meg with a night away. We drove up to PA and I took her to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house. When we arrived, we spent the night nearby at the Summit Inn Resort.  I remember wanting to be romantic and taking hot chocolate outside to look at the stars.  We were both feeling it, too, until we couldn't feel anything anymore.  When our hands started to shake and we could no longer stand seeing the sight of our breath, we went in to escape the cold.  It was a nice effort and one that, I hope, will always be remembered (right honey?).

The next day, we drove a few miles up the road to take a tour of the home.  I had brought my little point & shoot camera.  I managed to get one photo of Meg and me, taken by another visitor, before I dropped my camera.  That camera's sensor never saw an ounce of light again, but this camera's death sparked a new interest!

After that trip, I began researching for a new camera. At that point, I was working for Sun Microsystems and was managing a lot of accounts in NY City. Since we lived in DC at the time, a few days a week, I would take the Acela train to get back and forth. One of my colleagues, who was supporting my accounts, was a huge photography buff. We had hours on the train together. I learned so much from him and it made me more excited about photography than I had ever been before. I think what finally put me over the edge was my first visit to B&H Photo Video. If you're really in to photography, you're no doubt aware of this amazing toy store for adults. It rivals a casino with its ability to draw you in and keep you there for hours while being completely unaware of how much time has passed. He helped me pick out my first "real" camera and I was hooked.

I like to say that my passion for photography was born in January of 2008 and I've since been addicted to learning and practicing everything I can when it comes to photography and lighting.

So, let me try to bring this full circle since I got off on an awfully incredible tangent :)

I knew that babies grew up fast and now I have proof.  I wanted to make sure that I was able to capture as many moments of their lives because they're oh so fleeting.  I didn't want to settle for P&S photos.  I wanted memories with feeling and emotion and ones that would take me back to that day when I looked at the photos years later.

Yes, my passion for photography was primarily sparked by the desire to take great photos of my kids, way before I knew I was going to have them. 

This brings me back to the Christmas card that no one will be receiving this year.  Let me just say that if I HAD found the time to make a Christmas card and send it out, it WOULD have included some cute photos of our girls and full family pic of the five of us.  Probably something like the photos, below.

Just know that all of our friends and family are in our hearts at every moment.  We are so thankful for our girls and for everyone we have in our lives.  Thank you for the love and support we receive daily.  Every call, letter, e-mail, facebook post, and blog comment lets us know that we are thought of and provides us with the fuel to get through each day (and night when I'm trying to keep up with this blog).

The entire DeBauche family--Jeremy, Meghan, Sophia, Isabelle, Madelyn, and Abigail (the cat), would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!





The girls' first night home together

Meg and I took this photo at the NICU, right before we brought Sophia home, since we weren't sure whether or not all of our girls would be together again before Christmas

I think I hear the pitter and patter of each little hoof on the roof. Time for bed!


  1. The photo's are AMAZING and obviously you have some talent. I see Izzy has her NG tube in and I hope she is doing well with all of the that.

    The last photo was AMAZING!!!