Friday, March 2, 2012

How To Grow Smart Babies

How do you grow smart babies?  You water them with words, of course.  A couple of months ago, two-year-old Hudson, the son of some very close friends of ours, Laurie and Errick, took the time to write a letter to our girls.  He may have had a little help from his mom, but I think he probably could've done it completely on his own.  He also sent over some books and cd's for the girls, which we are very thankful for having received.  I decided that I wanted to make sure the girls know that one of their first friends, even one they haven't met yet, was already thinking about their education.  Below, is his letter with some pics of this really cute kid.

Dearest Izzy, Maddy, and Sophie,

Rumor has it that your 'rents think I'm pretty intelligent!  They asked my folks what "they" did to make me such a smarty pants, but let me tell you the truth...I was born that way, babies.  Kidding....Of course my parents helped out!  I took them shopping to pick out some of my fave books because books make you smart, right?  I was reading from birth.  They also scooped a few music CD's to help calm you in cars (or just at home) and debated for hours on which Einstein DVD's to get you...because they all rock.  I could watch them on repeat, so I'm guessing you'll be able to, too!  There are SEVERAL more if you find they hit the spot.  (Baby Beethoven & World Animals are great ones!)
Some other helpful hints include:
  • Sign Language (I still sign, even though I can actually say "please," "thank you," "more," etc.)
  • Flashcards (Tell your parents don't be afraid to make animal sounds & sing songs)
  • Puzzles (Melissa & Doug brand are the best)
  • Peek-a-boo books...or just Peek-a-boo (seriously calmed me down if I was in a tizzy)
  • iPad (Duh! I'm a techie, but any kid loves Duck Duck Moose apps)
  • Baby Bjorn Bouncer...(get 3, helps with reflux after feedings, well worth the money)
  • Sensory activities (go outside and touch the snow, the tree trunks, the dirt...hehe)
  • My mommy is always talking to me, telling me how many there are of everything and what color everything is...She sings songs a lot and even makes up her own songs.  What a silly goose.
  • Action Songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, If You're Happy and You Know It, etc.
  • Exersaucers are fantastic and a Jumparoo is a must-have (the rainforest one was a blast!)
  • LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table (you can put it on the floor or take two legs off to prop it up on an angle to help promote sitting)
  • LeapFrog Chat & Count cell phone (in violet, of course) & My Own Leaptop (also in violet)
  • Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar (what a joy when I finally could "push da buttons")
  • Bright Starts Lots of Links or Sassy Ring O' Links (rattles rule, especially with skinny handles)
  • Don't do the squirty bath toys, they will eventually collect moldy water - try Sassy Count & Spell Bath Appliques and stackable cups and/or rings (also good on dry land...)
  • When I was as young as you ladies, my mommy and daddy rigged an activity mat with those crossing beams (big mobile of sorts) so that a rattling giraffe was at my feet and I could kick, kick, kick, to my heart's delight (we called it the "kick drum," ever seen "The Breakup?")
  • All time favorite toy when I was "little": LeapFrog Baby Counting Pal (it's a counting, singing, colored caterpillar...brilliant!)
I know there's so much more, but your own mommy and daddy will come to know what makes each of you "tick."  Having ONE baby is the steepest learning curve on the planet, let alone THREE!  We'll offer more suggestions as time goes by, but you don't need to know that Color Wonders are ingenious just yet :)

Much love to all of you beautiful gals.  Can't wait to meet you and tell your parents to remember to take a breath here and there...

- Hudson

Hudson is now two.  He really is a smarty pants.  We haven't been over to visit with Errick, Laurie, and Hudson in about a year and a half, but I'm hoping to get over there next week.  These pics are the last ones I took of him when he was a wee bit smaller.  His mom posts pics of him all of the time on facebook and he's still just as handsome :)


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