Friday, July 15, 2011

Expert Baby Advice

I was recently told by a close friend that one of my most recent blog posts was pretty boring. He said that he was expecting to read about how I had whisked Meghan away to Italy to meet with another doctor and how we saved our babies' lives...again. He was only kidding of course, partly. Honestly, when it comes to anything exciting related to what's happening with our girls while they're still in the belly, I'm hoping the news is limited to how big they're growing and how strong their kicks are. I don't need any more excitement from this pregnancy!

Last week, Meg wrote about milestones. Well, today marks Week 24, which is the minimum age for viability in the NICU. What it really means is that if something were to happen to Meg from today on, then the hospital would attempt to save our girls' lives. There would definitely be a much higher risk of life-long problems associated with being born this early, but at least we know they'd have a chance. Our next big target is 28 weeks, so keep the prayers coming!

On a separate note, I decided that in order to post more frequently, and with a lack of any really exciting news, I would post some of the world's best advice for having triplets. This is no ordinary advice mind you, as it comes from the kids at Meg's former school. Who knows more about kids than other kids, right? One of the teachers at Mt. Eagle Elementary had many of the kids write down their thoughts on how to best to raise our three girls.

I'm not going to share them all at once, as that would definitely spoil the fun, but instead, I'll share a few today and then share more on the days when there's not much else going on with the pregnancy. I have to worn you, be prepared to laugh as some of these are downright hilarious.


From Alison (2nd grade)
"When a baby cry's Mrs. DeBauche, you cecke it's diaper. Because my mom said ushly when baby's cry, they did dodo. And if a baby cry's because it can't sleep, read it a book. I think you will be a great mother because your relly nice and your like my mother and that's why I know you'll be a great mother. I think 3 babies are relly hard because of the crying, feeding, and changing dyper's! Trust me, it's hard work. And I hope the dodo isn't stinky. And listen to my advice because the boys don't know about baby's."

From Christopher (3rd grade)
"She can put them to sleep like Mrs. DeBauche has 2 her husband has 1. She can have 2 babies and give them there milk and the dad haves 1 babies and give the babie her milk. What if the three babies cry and the husband is no there. What will she do? I think she will be a good mom because she is a reading teacher. She can help them read then they will be the smartest kids in the grade."

From Melvin (2nd grade)
"Buy a mushen that can pop out six hans whin you are bese doing chors. Or whin you are takeing cair of the babies the mushen can do the chors. Put the babies in bed and read thum a bed time store and play with thum."

From Abigail (5th grade)
"Dear Mrs. DeBauche, Baby advice is very important and I'm here to show you how to take care of 3 babies Abigail's style. First, you might want to be a caring mom and remember that your 3 babies are your memories. Second, make sure you take care of them like they are best of all. Third (and last of all), make sure to never forget us and your family. Your friend and helper, Abigail."


  1. As a former kindergarten teacher turned daycare provider, I can really appreciate the kids' advice! Abigail sounds like a sweetheart! :) I look forward to reading more of their advice in the days to come!

  2. I'm one of the moms from the triplet group on facebook...These are so precious! What a fun keepsake (and obviously a very practical guide for when the babies come).