Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?

Not a long post tonight, but this was just too funny not to share.  Today, after spending all weekend working on the nursery and getting the cribs set up, Meg found someone, or more specifically, some animal sleeping in the new beds.  She turned the mobile on to see how Abigail the Cat would react.  My first thought was that she would attack the musical rotating temptation.  However, as was captured in one of Meg's cell phone videos, Abigail looked at Meg, look at the mobile, looked back at Meg, yawned, then stretched out for a cat nap.  It looks like we'll now have to intentionally keep the cat out of the room so she won't smother the girls.  I can only imagine the lure that warm little babies in a soft bed would be to a cat who seeks out moving sun spots on the floor and finds ways to crawl on top of cable boxes to soak up the heat.

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