Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Waiting Game (update)

I know that we probably worried everyone with last night's post about our "WeePea," Isabelle (it's a diaper joke), but she's doing much better today.

Last night was especially traumatic because the neonatologist in the NICU tried twice to get the breathing tube in before the surgery.  Both times, it didn't work.  With no pain medication she was very irritated and was flailing around.  It was hard to watch her with her eyes open wide, struggling to make each breath count.

Once the breathing tube was in, they did give her pain meds, which really helped calm her down.  Shortly thereafter, Dr. Mak arrived.  She reviewed the procedure with us, but since it was identical to the previous procedure, where she inserted the first drainage tube, it was a brief conversation and she quickly got to work on relieving the pressure in Izzy's belly.  These doctors really are extraordinary.  They swoop in from out of nowhere, save the day, and jet off to the next baby in need.

By the time we left the NICU for the night, the pressure in Isabelle's belly had been removed and it looked a little more like a "normal" preemie belly.

Meg went to see the girls this morning.  Izzy looked much better, though she does still have her breathing tube it.  The goal is to take it out as soon as possible, which looks like tomorrow or Saturday.  Sophie and Maddy are both doing great.  I'll try to take some more pics tonight. 

Thanks for all of the prayers.  It feels much better knowing that so many people are behind her.


  1. definitely praying for you and meg and all your girls, but especially Izzy!

  2. So glad she's doing so much better. Life threatening or not, this is NOT fun. I remember the first time the doctors said to me that my Abigail needed a transfusion "STAT" and my husband wasn't reachable to consult and/or sign the consents... even something that simple was devastating. Hang in there. There are a lot of people pulling for you and your tiny girls.

  3. Prayer? I had to take it out of the closet and shake it out. BUT,when I think of how blessed I am 333333333333333333333! Not only am I praying for Izzi, but have also been offering prayers of gratitude.

  4. Meghan, this is John's daughter Sarah. Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you constantly and I am so glad the babies are doing all right. Every small improvement is a huge victory; it sounds like they also have a great team of docs doing what they can. The blog is great and it's wonderful to be able to follow their progress. Thank you for sharing!