Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting Out of the House

Truth be told, Meg and I haven't been for a walk together in months.  When she was about 26 or 27 weeks pregnant, it really started getting difficult to be on her feet for any lengthy period of time.  Well, that was about four months ago.  She has a good excuse.  I, on the other hand, do not.  I like to blame my additional weight gain and overall tiredness/laziness on the fact that I've been sympathetic to Meg's pregnancy.  It sounds good, right?

My good friend, Rob Dunn, who's about my height and was right around my weight, just dropped 44 pounds in 90 days while training for a half-marathon.  Talk about motivation.  Meg and I used to run 10-mile races, so I know it's just a matter of signing up for a race and getting our nutritional house in order.  Let's be realistic here.  I don't think there's any way I'm going to start training for a race as we enter the winter season in Chicago and are, essentially, sleep deprived.  Though, Rob's recent transition is a great reminder that I need to stay healthy for myself and our girls, and that it just takes some stick-to-it-ness to get your energy back.

So, while we're not signing up for any races yet, that it was beautiful outside the other day (~65 degrees) and we decided to take two of our girls for a walk.  We bundled them up and gave them their first breaths of autumn air.  We pushed them all around the neighborhood.  I never realized you could feel each and every single crack in the sidewalk.  It kind of felt like an old wooden roller coaster, but the girls didn't seem to mind.

Sophie, wrapped up and ready to go

Maddy, not so much, but she got there eventually

Meg, Sophie, and Maddy, with the "double" Snap 'n Go

As we were walking through the neighborhood, I noticed someone running behind us.  We had stopped to straighten up one of the girls and I noticed the person who was running closer and closer to us, was running in jeans.  It seemed a little odd until she said, "You must be Kelly's cousin."  We moved in to a very family-oriented neighborhood in suburbia and many of the families have lived here for quite a while.  Meg's cousin, Kelly, lives just a few blocks away and I guess the news of our triplets has spread around to a few folks.  Honestly, it was kind of fun to be noticed in a neighborhood where we really haven't had much opportunity to make new friends.  After introducing herself, she offered to take our picture.

We actually took our walk on Halloween.  I can't say that I've ever seen this before, but I thought it was pretty creative.

Two tired babies after our walk

Meg's new favorite holding position.  She's not sure what she's going to do when Izzy comes home.


  1. What a beautiful day to take a walk...the leaves don't even look real, like a painting! Amazing how far you have come : )

  2. Hooray for walks with babies! And just you wait...the looks, the stares, the questions...they've only just begun! You'll soon forget what it was like to do anything without attracting attention! And Mary is right. Those leaves are gorgeous!

  3. Since it's starting with 2 already, I can't imagine what it's like with 3. I took the 2 girls to an appt at the hospital with the lactation consultant the other day and people were crazy...asking me questions and staring. This is going to be very difficult for me because I try to avoid unwanted attn whenever possible. I guess those days are over!

  4. Just found your blog! I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with twins and I really enjoyed getting to read about your journey. I had to tell my husband what a miracle your girls are, and not just once over but over and over again they achieve new levels of being miracles! I am so glad you're getting such a wonderful happy ending after so much hard work!

    Wishing you all the best!

    Amy :)

  5. That is an awesome picture of you guys taking a walk!! Looking forward to seeing one with all 5 of you!!!

  6. Hey Meghan - I just had to respond to your comment, I know I'm a little late! I have two and a half year old triplets and a one year old. The best advice I've got - NO eye contact! :) A fellow triplet mom passed that one on to me in our first year and it really works! Praying for sweet Izzy and hope she is doing well.