Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recovering At Home

Today's post is going to be rather short.  The most significant update is that Sophia and Meg came home today.  Today is also important because our babies are 6 months old today!  I can't believe they're getting so big, but it only takes a glance at some of the photos below, and a quick look back at when they were in the NICU, to realize how far they've come.

Now, back to Sophia.  She's not 100% better, but she is improving and the docs didn't feel as if she needed to be on oxygen any longer.  She still has a horrible cough, to the point where she actually spits up when coughing during eating because she's putting so much pressure on her stomach.  We're still giving her nebulizer treatments every three hours when she's awake, which helps, but there's still a lot of gunk in there.

It's so great to have them both home again.  However, we're still exercising major caution in trying not to cross-contaminate and get the others sick, as our ped said she could still be contagious up to two days after her symptoms go away.  She's not her normal self yet, but you can see her sneak in a smile every once in a while.  We're giving her lots of love and plenty of rest.  When I was holding her earlier this evening, she whispered in my ear that she was looking forward to her play time as it appears that she just found her toes while she was in the hospital!

Being a trooper during x-ray time

Wearing her Victoria's Secret hospital gown

Someone is not happy with the nasal cannula.  "That's for babies!" she cried.

Vibration treatments on the back

The Cage

Finally, a little rest

Miss Shallee dropped in to give Meg a little relief.  Mom needs to shower too, right?

While I'm sure they could've thought of a better place to spend time together, there was much bonding going on over the last several days

Home again, wish ashes on their foreheads


  1. Good morning folks. So glad to hear Sophia is home.I had truly meant to say "Happy 6 months BD" to the girls but yesterday was crazy. It has been an incredible journey and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it all! Hug the girls for me!

  2. So glad to know she is home! And she looks HUGE!! Sending you prayers for strength and good health. We are counting down 'til RSV season ends!

  3. So happy she's home! I am sure you guys have never been more excited for summer! We are ready to put RSV season out of our minds! The girls are getting so big!!:)