Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Tried To Avoid It

We tried to avoid it. Really, we did, but we were unable to keep our girls from getting RSV. Well, at least two of them.

Sophie and Maddy were really starting to look and sound fairly awful on Thursday. We had a suspicion that their cold was more than meets the eye, so we took them up to our ped. I hate being right sometimes.

Even mom needs a little rest when taking care of sick babies.

Fortunately, they've been on Synagis for the last few months, so the effects of RSV shouldn't be as severe as they could be otherwise.  So far, that's proving true...for the most part. Sophie sounded really awful this morning, so we hooked her up to the pulsox machine they delivered for Izzy a couple of days ago. Her oxygen saturation level was below 90%, so we started panicking a little. It didn't help that she threw up almost half of her bottle when she was trying to cough. We made another last-minute, emergency appointment at the doctor's office, trying to stave off another trip to the ER. The doc said that Sophie was worse today than she was on Thursday. So, they gave her a nebulizer treatment and sent us home with a prescription for more every four hours.

This is our first time with the nebulizer. If you've never seen it, or its results, it's wonderful with the side effect of making your baby cry and her face red, at least temporarily. We still have to wait this virus out, but I'm hoping it gets easier with each successive treatment.

After the neb treatment, Sophie relaxed enough to eat her bottle and still had energy left over to take another go at solids. Today's special--pears! Izzy still isn't ready to try solid foods yet, but we're working on Sophie and Maddy.

After we cleaned everyone up, I only made it about one and a half books in before I ended up with this.

We're going to do our absolute best to try and make sure that Izzy doesn't catch this. Her lungs are already a little weak and this would be the last thing we'd need to have happen to our smallest baby.  To help, we've created zones around the living room for each girl.  We were just shy of taping everything off, but didn't stop short of having assigned seating areas when holding each girl.  We're even changing their diapers on the floor next to their bouncy chairs.  If you've never taken care of sick triplets, heed this advice:  Avoid it at all costs!


  1. I'm so sorry your babies are sick. You may find this weird but I heard on the news today (or was it yesterday?) that RSV was on the rise and I immediately thought about your babies and said a little prayer they would not get this virus. I live in my blog world sometimes and feel like I know people I've never met. You all included. I hope your girls get better quick and that your tiniest girl STAYS healthy. Best of luck!

  2. I am a triplet mom too, and two of mine just got over it. Mine were full termers, and they still wound up in the hospital. My two year old had it too, and we had four infected ears. I feel your pain. It was awful:( Hang in there. Taking care of sick triplets isn't for sissies...that's for sure!

  3. RSV is the worse, mild or not! And those nebulizer treatments every 4 hours is so much for a triplet mama! We are getting over it, 2nd time this winter! I hope they recover fast and stay healthy! Any tips on starting solids?

  4. Thanks Diana.

    Angie, we've just started and are only a couple of tries in. They don't know how to use their tongues to pull the food to the back of their mouth, so every attempt to put food in results in them pushing it out with their tongues. Not to mention a ton on their face. Maddy had been battling some major constipation, so our ped suggested pears or prunes. I voted for pears :)