Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleepers Are So Lame!

I'm not sure if we're the norm or if we're unique in deciding to dress the girls in sleepers most days.  Actually, "dressing" them would insinuate that there's actually some forethought that's put in to what they're going to wear each day.  Our process is much more simple.  Basically, when someone remembers to change the girls clothes that day, we walk in to the play storage room next to the family room and grab what looks like it will fit on to the respective girl.  Don't worry, the girls get their clothes changed every day.  Though, usually, we try to wait for someone to poop out of their diaper and make a mess of their clothes.  There's no reason to change clothes twice in the same day is there?  Well, it inevitably happens and the girls get, guess what...another sleeper.

It has become the uniform du jour in our house.  It comes in zipper and button flavors.  It eliminates the need to wear socks whose sole purpose is to fall off five minutes after you put them on.  It also keeps the babes slightly warmer than their adult counterparts, which I've been told is more comforting.

It also makes their parents look lazy and like they've been kept in bed all day.

Enter big bigger girls clothes.  They're not BIG yet, just bigger than the day before.  I think Meg and the nanny had some fun knocking off the dust from the myriad of clothes we've gathered that they'll probably never get a chance to wear.  Well, it was their day to be "bigger" girls.  I'm not sure what they thought about it.  Take a look for yourselves and see if their faces give anything away.

Sophia, almost in shock that she's not wearing a sleeper "Whaaaaaaat is going on here?"

Is it just me or is Izzy thinking to herself, "C'mon mom. Why did you dress me up like a teacher?"

Maddy, getting ready for her first hoedownAll she needs is a piece of straw hanging out the side of her mouth.


  1. I LOVE sleepers. My son never wore anything else. My twins rock the sleepers until they spit up or poop or pee on them. They don't need to be changed everyday. Not like they go to the gym and sweat it up lol.

    But I think your girls are very stylish in their big girl outfits! My girl twin Lainey is my first girl and I would keep her in dresses the rest of her life if it wasn't so cold right now!

  2. Love the clothes. But sleepers are so much easier to change diapers......

    They are so beautiful. 27 days until I get to hold them again!!!

  3. I'm with you... My boys stay in their sleepers until they pee or spit up on themselves , sometimes they go into another sleeper sometimes I feel guilty & put them in clothes. But for winter & cooler days & when they have cold (the past two weeks) it just seems so much more comfortable. I know I would love to stay in my pj's all day when I'm under the weather :)

  4. We are just as guilty for dragging out the PJ/sleepers as long as possible! We just say we are having a PJ day....a lot! Those pictures are great. They look so adorable and I just LOVE Izzy's reaction that you captured. The girls look wonderful and are too precious for words!

  5. My girls are one and we still spend most of the day in sleepers! They are so comfy and cute! Your girls are adorable!!!

  6. I love the pictures! The girls are so adorable. Get well soon Maddy. Love, Aunt Mary

  7. I think our trips spent the 1st 9 months of their lives at home in sleepers. I wouldn't even use the ones that weren't footed, b/c I didn't want to have to deal with socks. They look wonderful!!!

  8. We love sleepers!! It isn't until recently that ive started dressing up the trio and only cuz we have a ton of clothes they would never wear, and u can be sure that day is picture day!! they are looking wonderful!