Monday, May 9, 2011

14 weeks and 0 days pregnant (the important parts are growing)

Have I told you how much I love my wife and how difficult it is to be apart during this pregnancy?  It's getting harder and harder each passing week.  We only have six more weeks of this not being together stuff.  We've been going for two to three week stints without seeing each other, but fortunately, this past weekend, I got just a little reminder of how beautiful and wonderful my wife is.  Fortunately, this weekend's trip had multiple purposes.

#1 - My younger sister, Lea, graduated from college.  Way to go Lea!

#2 - Fulfilling my desperate need for some Meghan time.

Yes, I am guilty of being completely in love with my wife.  Each time we see each other at the airport and hug as if the world's survival depended on the strength of our squeeze, I bury my face in the space between her neck and hair and take a deep inhale.  I can't remember if she always smelled so good or if it has something to do with being pregnant, but I love it!

As soon as I landed on Friday evening, we went straight to Barnes & Noble.  We've been discussing different parenting ideas lately and decided we needed to get on the same page.  Not because we've been disagreeing, but mostly because I haven't spent any real time with children since my sister was young, which was quite a long time ago.  Meghan interacts with kids everyday, so through her own experience and her education, she's definitely way ahead of me when it comes to the "What would you do when your kid does this?" type of questions.  It's not that I don't have answers, it's just that my answers sound like they're coming from a 33-year old man who hasn't had the responsibility of making decisions on how to raise children and THEN having to live with the results.  So, Meg and I decided that while we were apart, we'd each read a couple of books about dealing with crying babies, getting babies to sleep through the night, and ways to encourage good behavior with toddlers.  I'm sure we'll find parts from each book that we both like and dislike, but it's a way to stay connected during our time apart and have something interesting to discuss on those nights when each of us didn't do much else than work really hard that day.

Talk about feeling old.  On my flight home, I was sitting next to a guy who was reading Maxim magazine while I was thumbing through the no-cry discipline solution.  He must have thought to himself, "this guy is old!"

Meghan didn't send me a picture of her belly last week, so I made sure to grab a quick shot before going to bed.  In the photo, I'm having a difficult time seeing a ton of change from two weeks ago, but in person, you can definitely see how our three little girls are making a home for themselves for, hopefully, at least the next 20 weeks.  In person, you can see where her belly is really starting to push out.  I'm not exactly sure how to describe it except to say that at 4:00 and 8:00, there are more pronounced curves where her belly is sticking out more directly.  At this point, she's only gained 12 pounds.  We're not exactly sure if that's normal for a triplet pregnancy, but the babies are growing at the right pace, so we'll start worrying if or when the doctor tells us.  Also, I know that some of her students may be reading this blog, so I'll keep it PG and just say that other parts are approaching sizes never seen on her small frame.  She's now to the point where she had to buy a special piece of fabric over the weekend that attaches to the front part of her bra to reduce the amount of cleavage that can be seen when she's working with the kids at school.

She sure is glowing!

As I was flying home on Sunday night, I was thinking about how Mother's Day will never be the same again.  I think most of us take for granted what our own mothers went through when they had us and how difficult and scary it must have been at times.  There was no blogging, no facebook, no way to easily find out what's happening to your body and to know whether it was normal or not.  Their knowledge of pregnancy was much more limited and they most likely relied on the experience of a few close family members.  I think most men, in general, take pregnancy for granted.  I know I did.  Going through multiple IUI and IVF cycles has, obviously, made me appreciate how much of a miracle pregnancy is and how lucky Meg and I are to being having our three girls.  I'm so grateful that my mother was able to have me and cared enough to raise me with a ton of love.  I hope that Meghan and I can do the same for our children.  God willing, this time next year, we'll be celebrating our own first Mother's Day!

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  1. Yes you will! And you're right, Mother's Day will have a whole new feeling to it! Meg is just about the cutest thing ever. And I think if the doctors aren't worried about her weight gain, than nobody should worry. I only gained 47 pounds the whole pregnancy, which is MUCH LESS than any book will tell you, but all was fine! Personally, I think you two will do a stellar job raising those girls even if you never opened a single book...mostly because you're both excited, and you're clearly already a team! There's no other way to do it! Continued health to Meg and great job to you! She's lucky to have you as her #1 fan!