Friday, May 13, 2011

It's getting crowded in there!

On Wednesday, Meg went in for another sonogram.  It looks like she's now on a bi-weekly schedule, at a minimum, through the end of the pregnancy.  Don't worry, there's nothing wrong.  They just want to monitor her more frequently as she gets further into the pregnancy.  Today, she's exactly 15 weeks.   I can't believe it.  Time is flying by so quickly!

I know, I know.  "She's got another 25 weeks to go," is probably what you're saying to yourself.  Unless you're a mother or father of triplets.  If you're a parent of triplets, you already know that the average gestation time for triplets is 33 weeks.  So, if we're lucky, we'll make it to 33 weeks.  If we're super lucky, we'll make it to 35 weeks, leaving us with 20 weeks.  20 weeks is about five months.  Five months seems like a long time, right?  Not if you're an expecting father of triplets in a brand new house, with a brand new job, who wants to get everything done that he can foresee needing to do with his house for the next few years.  Also, not when you wake up everyday thinking about how comfortable you want to make your wife when she gets here in five weeks and you don't want paint fumes or sawdust flying around the air.  When you're that guy, 20 weeks seems like it's tomorrow.

Back to the babies.  Take a look at this 3D shot.  They look like their faces are in each others' butts!  It will be so fun to show them all of these images when they get older and tell them which one was Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C.  Kind of looks like an abstract painting, doesn't it?

Wednesday was pretty much just a photo shoot at the doctor's office.  They didn't measure the babies, but, based on the some of the 2D sonogram pics, you can definitely see the difference between 14.5 weeks and 12.5 weeks.  From my post a couple of weeks ago, you could see that each girl had plenty of room to move around.  Now, not so much.  Basically, it's getting crowded in there!

Also, just so you all don't think I'm crazy, I'll be sharing some before and after pics of the some of the work that I'm doing around the house before Meg gets here, in later posts.


  1. Such a good dad you are already! That is a great 3D shot of the girls! Such a neat thing for them to see later in life! Good luck with all your projects! I can only imagine how grateful Meg will be! I had our triplets at 33 weeks to the day! I'm getting good vibes for Meg too! :)

  2. I can't believe I'm leaving all the decisions involved in that work in your hands. I must be full of trust!

    Hey honey, I think now that we know it's all girls, maybe we should change the background of this blog. I don't know about you, but I'm not picturing our girls acting like crazy monkeys. Let's find something cute with a little less blue and a little more pink. :)