Monday, May 30, 2011

17 weeks and 3 days

Well, I just dropped Meg off at the airport after a very brief three-day weekend. Seriously, I feel like I just picked her up and I'm already saying "goodbye." Fortunately, I'll see her again soon, in just two and a half weeks. At that point, it will be for good. That's right. My honey gets to move up here PERMANENTLY in just a few weeks. We've already made it through two months and with all that we have going on during the next few weeks, it'll fly by.

Awaiting her, will be an extremely excited husband and her all-time favorite cat, Abigail. Those two have quite the bond. Seriously, I'll need to monitor it when the babies get here and make sure Abigail isn't monopolizing her time. We discussed it for a while before the trip and decided that it would be better to have Meg fly her up here during this trip instead of trying to make her squeeze into her kitty carrier for the twelve-hour drive that lies ahead in June. All I can say is, poor Meghan and poor Abigail. It probably wasn't more than five minutes into the trip, and before Meg got to the airport, Abigail peed in her carrier.  Unbelievable.  On top of that, if there could be anything worse, Abigail started putting off this really strong "scared" odor.  Now, I wasn't there in the cab or on the plane to smell it, but when I met them at the baggage claim, "WHOA!"  What made it worse was the fact that she had to take Abigail out of the crate and carry her through security, so all of that stink got all over Meg's clothes for the entire flight!  I told her it was just practice for the babies.  That was until Abigail was in my car for the 45-minute ride home and I realized that it was I that needed the practice.  I swear I almost put her in the trunk or tied her to the top of the car. Her kitty stink was that bad!  What's really amazing is that by the next morning, she had completely cleaned herself off.  Her fur was soft again and she actually smelled pretty good, at least as good as a cat can smell.

Now, Meg's gone and it's just me and Abigail for the next few weeks, waiting for our mutual best friend to come home.  This time, it will be for good...finally.

I'll leave you with a pregnancy update pic and couple of other photos of Meg with her OTHER best friend.

She still has a long a way to go, but I thought I'd remind you where she started with the first pregnancy update pic.

Just a few by the window


  1. I knew I'd like Meg! I'm a cat person too! (okay, and a dog person) okay, AND a baby person! :) I'm so excited that you guys will get to be together in just a few more weeks!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Lisa.

    Ami, I can't tell you how badly I wish I could just hit the FF button and get to the point when she's actually here. Kind of like in the movie Click, where I could go to the "Beyond" section of BB&B and get my special remote.