Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The beginnings of a triplet wardrobe

Meg is so funny sometimes.  She called me on Friday and said that it was the first day she actually looked pregnant and not just fat.  (Honey, if you're reading this, I've never thought you looked fat)  It was the first day when people, who didn't know she was pregnant, actually came up to her and inquired as to the reason behind her expanding belly.  Good thing she is pregnant.  Can you imagine how awkward that would be if she was actually just gaining weight?

So, while I'm working hard at getting the house ready, Meg spent some time over the weekend at Babies 'R Us updating the registry.  She just couldn't help herself and spotted some super deals on baby clothes, so she snagged a few really cute dresses.  I know this probably seems strange, but when she sent me the photos of the dresses, I think I must have stared at them for at least five minutes.  These are the first baby clothes that we've purchased and it's so strange to think that one day soon, these clothes will be filled with three little girls.

On that note, I've been noticing that my mind wanders off fairly often lately, wondering what our girls will look like.  I'm sure this is normal for expecting parents.  Sometimes I can't believe that this is all happening and that, not only are we fortunate enough to have one kid, but that we're really having three at the same time!

Hopefully, Meg won't kill me for posting this picture, but she sent me a side view pic last night of her laying down.  Apparently, she was trying to read and, for the first time, her belly was noticeably in the way.  It must feel so strange to have your body change so much from what you've been used to your entire life.  I know that men will never truly understand what it's like, but Meg, know that I appreciate what you're going through to allow us to grow our family more than you will ever know.


  1. Congrats! I just stumbled upon your blog! How lucky! 3 girls!!

  2. Oh Jeremy and Meg, you're so right...once the clothes start filling the closets it becomes oh so real! But oh so fun and adorable!!

  3. So glad you found us Lisa! Stay tuned for more!

  4. By the way Jeremy, the Red Stroller was actually GIVEN to us about a year ago!! The woman used to do childcare but doesn't anymore. She figured we could use it! Uh, YUP! The stroller is great but we ONLY use it for outside adventures. It's too wide to take in stores, etc. So still, my absolute 'can't live without' item is my quad stroller...The Blue Bus, as we call it. :) If you were gonna get one or the other, there's no question, quad is the way to go!