Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 weeks and 5 days pregnant (the kicking is intensifying)

I realized yesterday that it had been several weeks since I shared a pregnancy update pic of Meghan and her ever expanding belly, so I thought it was about time. Tonight's post is going to be very short because a) we don't have any new news on the babies, b) we've been doing nothing but unpacking and working, and c) I'm just plain exhausted.

We've also received a ton of pics of our girls over the last couple of weeks, so here's a few of the recent ones.

Sophia (Baby A)

Isabelle (Baby B)

Madelyn (Baby C) - she's already saying, "Dad, get that camera out of my face!"

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  1. Why do I love Ultrasound Photos so much?? Those are great shots! I particularly love Madelyn's! Poor girl has NO idea how many photos are to come! :) Happy unpacking!