Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Welcome Retreat

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I'd be sharing some highlights of the lighter side of this pregnancy.  For anyone who's been reading over the last couple of weeks, you're fully aware of all the drama surrounding our battle with TTTS.  Now that we're on the other side of it, at least for now, I want to start sharing how fun being pregnant with triplets can be because, honestly, we're exhausted from pregnancy drama.

Having triplets, while in the beginning was the scariest idea I'd ever encountered, is now something that I'm looking forward to more than anything in life (besides getting married to Meg of course).  It's a lot of fun getting to share our story with everyone.  We also get a lot of attention from family and friends.  It's not that we didn't before, but there's something about having triplet babies that gets people excited, because, let's face it, it doesn't happen everyday to a family or friend circle.  I've never been one to seek out being the center of attention, but it's really provided us with a great excuse to communicate with everyone on a more frequent basis, because in reality, people are just plain busy with their own lives and this pregnancy seems to interest everyone enough to make the extra effort to stay in touch, which is a good enough reason for me.

Also, because I'm being honest here, I'm not going to shy away from the fact that receiving a ton of gifts for our babies has been wonderful!  Besides the obvious benefits of having an entire village contribute to the preparation of three baby girls, it's been a wonderful excuse to get together with friends and family that you usually only see over the holidays, if that.  So far, Meg has actually had two baby showers.  One was thrown by her friends and co-workers at her school in VA and another one was just thrown by her family in Erie this past weekend.

We are so thankful for all of the gifts that we've received.  It's actually pretty amazing.  We have a huge truck and we couldn't have fit anything else in the back when we were leaving Erie to head to Naperville.  Also, there was so much stuff in VA that we just had the movers pack it up and haul it to our new home from the first shower.  Everyone in our lives is truly amazing and we are forever greatful for your thoughtfulness.

Well, I wasn't in town for the shower in VA, but since Meg and I were making our trek from VA to Naperville together, I participated in the Erie shower, which was really neat.  Fortunately, I still had one of my small cameras packed with me for the trip, so I was able to capture a few shots from the party.  A few of them are below, but the rest are at


  1. What made you guys move to Naperville? I'm close to Schaumburg, if you're familiar with that area.

  2. Funny, I'm in Schaumburg for meetings today. As far as moving goes, I think the number one driver was being closer to at least some family. Also, we wanted to chose a location that would be good for my work, as well as one that had an excellent school system. Not to mention, way more house for the money than our old condo provided.