Monday, April 9, 2012

If you're even thinking about it, don't! (by the way, Happy Easter!)

Easter morning 2012.  What a beautiful day it was.  To be honest, most years, there's probably an equal chance that it could've been snowing, but not this Easter.  Waking up, we knew that we had one heck of a day in front of us.  Basically, our entire day was planned around making it over to Meg's aunt's Easter dinner.

This was a big deal for us.  For the most part, almost every activity, walk, etc. has been able to be planned around naps and feedings.  That's just the way it goes when mom has done the world's greatest job getting these girls on a schedule.  For everyone who's had kids, especially multiples, you know what I'm talking about.  Our girls take two naps a day, pretty much on cue, know when to expect their bottles, and sleep almost 11-12 hours each night, the latter due to Meg's persistence in pushing everyone through sleep training, including me.

Well, today, something was going to have to give.  There was no way that the girls were going to get a full, or even remotely restful, nap today.  It just wasn't going to happen.  I was dreading this.  If you're ever bored and looking to experiment with three normally happy and giggly babies, cut their nap really short.  What will emerge is a whole lotta crabby pants!  It's not a pretty sight.

But let's rewind a little.  Knowing that today was all about getting out of the house on someone else's schedule, we had the forethought to take the girls' photos in their Easter dresses ahead of time.  We chose a time when we had help and when their faces were scratched up the least.  If you're wondering about that last statement, no, they don't battle with the cat.  Even though we cut their nails, which I think actually makes them sharper by the way (even when we attempt filing), they somehow find ways to mark up their face from time to time.  "What about mittens?" you say.  Sophia would have those off in under two seconds and would probably use them as an appetizer before she moved on to gnaw on Sophie the Giraffe.

Somehow, we managed to get everyone's photo without them ruining (ie. spitting up on or ripping) their dresses.  So, by the time Easter Sunday rolled around, their uniforms du jour were still intact and ready for a couple of family photos with mom, dad, and grandma.  All of the photos for each of the girls, the family shots, and from the party are at the bottom of the post.  But before I get there, I want to make sure you all don't think I'm Mr. Crabby Pants.  Aside from some unnecessary crying and a lot of eye rubbing, the girls did an outstanding job.  Any part of their behavior was adult-induced.  They looked beautiful in their dresses and there were plenty of ladies at the party who were just itching to hold a baby (yeah, break for dad!).  Besides packing up nearly half of our house to take with us so we had everything we thought we'd possibly need, the day was a success and we proved to ourselves that getting out of the house and breaking routines wouldn't cause the world to come to an abrupt halt.  HOWEVER, I would say that if you're thinking about breaking routines, don't!  Though, if you do, life will go on.  I hope you had a happy Easter and enjoy the photos!

Miss Isabelle

Miss Madelyn

Miss Sophia

The Fam

The Party

Ania and Maddy spending some quality time together

Kelly and Izzy enjoying their Easter together

Mom, trying to soothe a crabby Sophie

Ania, Kelly, and Steve

Izzy, obviously more interested in something on the floor than with her dad

Almost the entire group, less the kids

The kids

Keegan, Kaden, and Kylie

Look at those eyelashes!

Sophia, trying to steal a couple of z's away from the loudness of the house


  1. So impressed! Glad you got out and got all dressed up, our triplet household had a very laid back Easter that included staying in our pj's.
    And how long did it take to sleep train your girls?

  2. Great pictures! The girls are getting so big and I love their little Easter dresses! We are the same way about trying to stick to 'the schedule.' good for you guys for breaking the daily grind and letting the day be....we have yet to be so brave!

  3. What wonderful pictures. They look amazing and you do too. I was never brave enough at that age to break the nap routine - EVER (and I was a mostly feed-on-demand-mama, but the naps were still SACRED!). My triplets are now 4 1/2 and you'd never know that they EVER had a routine!

  4. Your babies are so beautiful! They are going to be real stunners their whole lives and will turn heads everywhere they go. You are so blessed. I know you worry the most about Izzy and rightfully so. I pray she heals well and completely and has no memory of all the hardship and surgeries. Your family is really special and your pictures are outstanding!