Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Where have you been?"

Surely, you all must have been asking yourself this question.  I ask myself every day.  There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think to myself, at least on several occasions, "I really need to write a post.  Everyone is going to think something bad happened to one of the girls."  Well, let me put your worrying minds at ease.  Everyone is okay.  Meg's elbow is even healing well enough for her to be able to do almost everything she was doing before she fell and broke her elbow.

The biggest news we have to share is that we've decided to move forward with a G tube and Nissen for Izzy.  The girls are all getting so big and are getting more and more coordinated with their hands every day.  That's not good for a girl who gets annoyed by the seemingly permanent tubes and tape on her face, who now has the ability to, at will, reach up and pull everything off.  We can't help but wonder if we're making the right decision and if we should just wait it out a little while longer, but she's pulling her tubes off almost daily and seems to be getting more and more bothered by the reflux.

I'm planning on writing another post right before the surgery (which is scheduled for this upcoming Thursday), which summarizes how we got to this point.  If you recall, one of the reasons why we sometimes put so much detail in our posts is so that other families, who find themselves where we've been, can find some solace in knowing that they're not alone and that things can and will, most likely, get better.  I also hope that our experiences may help someone feel more comfortable asking questions that they didn't know, or weren't sure, to ask.

Other than the upcoming surgery, we're having so much fun with the girls.  I have boatloads (yes, it's a word) of photos and videos of each girl.  I can't wait to share them.  I've processed most of them, so all I really need to do now is just put some words together to go with them.  Could I just post the photos and add a few comments?  Yes, I could, but another reason for this blog is that it serves as a visual diary of each girls' life and our journey with them.  Each post deserves more than just a comment or two.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos to hold you over because the Easter photos I've taken are just plain awesome!  They'll be up soon though.

I may do a completely separate post just on Baby Bjorn Bouncers and Snuggin Go, but in case I don't, they're awesome and have helped so much with their posture.

The weather's been unseasonably warm, so of course we took advantage of being able to get out of the house for a little while.


  1. In the TTTS Community You Remain Legendary. And with Good Reason.

  2. HOORAY!! You're back! (Look at I have room to talk....) :) The girls look so great! And Meg, well, she's just a champion! Prayers for Izzy on Thursday!

  3. Fellow TTTS Mom here! We opted to only do g-tube, no Nissen for our one daughter. Her surgeon actually suggested not doing and we agreed after do a lot of reading and are so glad we chose not to. Of course our daughters situation is different due to the fact she has cerebral palsy. The surgeon said it could make her reflux/vomitting worse and we weren't willing to take that risk at the time and we could always do the nissen if we changed our minds at a later time. So that being 3 years ago, we are very pleased we didn't do it. Things are going well and her reflux is completely mangaged with reglan, prevacid, and erythomycin(low dose works like reglan but in a different area of the gut).

    Good luck with her surgery and have confidence, you know her best! Love your blog! Your family is beautiful!


  4. Your pics are awesome, what kind of camera you have?