Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Day on Tuesday (prayers needed)

I'm posting a quick update tonight just to let everyone know that Maddy finally made it home and is enjoying being reunited with Sophie.  They're both extremely excited about the idea of having Izzy home to join them.

On that note, Izzy takes a giant step forward tomorrow, Tuesday, with, what we hope will be, her final surgery.  We just found out this morning that Dr. Liu is ready to put her bowel back together.  She's not as large as we hoped she'd be for the surgery, but she's only an ounce away from where he wanted her, at a minimum.  She's dumping now and her stoma is sticking out to a whopping 5 cm.  It's time to put our baby back together.

We're expecting the surgery to begin somewhere between 9:00-11:00am CST and are expecting it to take about 60-90 minutes.  She'll have to be intubated again, as she'll be heavily sedated.  We're expecting nothing but the most positive results and would appreciate any prayers you can send our way.

I'll try to write an update as soon as she's out of surgery for all of those friends, family, and concerned blog followers.

Also, I have lots of pictures from Maddy's trip home and her first interactions with Sophie in their nursery!  I'm too tired to process them tonight or write any more, but they'll be up soon.


  1. Meghan & Jeremy- You and your little Izzy will in my prayers tonight! She is one tough little girl and I can't wait to hear about her next act of strength tomorrow!

    I'm sure life is becoming a lot more busy with two home : ) But just wait till the ratio isn't two to one! Now that I have Brinley, I just don't know how Ami did it : ) But as she says and now you are just do it cause you don't know anything different!

  2. Wishing all of my best to Izzy!! Sending strength her way.

  3. think of you. hoping all is well!