Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forgot To Post The Bath Video!

Now, this video is truly cute, but it's also six minutes long.  We're not bathing experts by any means, but Meg seems to have it down cold.  So, I thought I'd share it in case anyone needed a quick video lesson.  The few crying parts are pretty funny, mostly because it's now something between a realy baby cry and cat that just had its tailed stepped on :)


  1. She's a pro all right! It was totally worth every bit of 6 and a half minutes! It brings me back and also makes me smile to think of how you and Meg will also look back at these NICU days, years from now, as you revel in how much easier things have gotten. But aren't these moments precious? is good.

  2. It's tough to be in the NICU every day, but, I have to agree, these moments are very precious. We're not even supposed to be spending time with these girls for another four weeks and we've already gotten to know them so well. I'm sure we'll look back with fondness, but for now, we wanna get outta there!